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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Love Batik from INDONESIA .... !!

Maybe Batik is traditional clothes from my country where just old people want to wear it like our parents. But now we can wear batik also with anything which is gonna be fashionable. There's some tips from me to wear batik with our creations, check it and do it.

1. Batik skirt + white plain T-shirt  = simple but so cute...   

2.Wear Bat Batik to make your body not so thinny,,,,,,

 3. Your Batik shirt will be "Chic" if you wear with your pants

4.Mix your Batik with Jeans = forever always =p

5. Combine Kain Batik with Kebaya, it's a must!!!
6. Last, enjoy wear Batik with your BF..... =)

 And there other inspiration :


So, grab your Batik now and experiment with it!! =)

-With Luv-


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